Les 24 Heures De Choo Choo

*throptic, noun: a design or a devise created to look as if it serves a functional purpose, but in fact has no purpose other than to make the object on which it is attached to look esthetically better.

Chrysler Turbine Car

One morning I witnessed a student being dropped off at the front gate at my high school by some guy driving a Chrysler Turbine car. I couldn’t believe it. The sound it made! The future had arrived.

Steve McQueen’s view—Porsche 917K

From the movie, LeMans. This is the same car driven by John Thomas that is featured in the sound files recorded by Mike Parris at Riverside International Raceway in 1980. The first audio file was posted before, but the second one, Four hot laps around Riverside, was recently acquired from driver John Thomas. Great in-car…

The Genius

“Jeez, boss, I’ve never seen a car like this around anywhere. Who wants it?” I wished he wouldn’t call me boss.