There could be nothing quite like a ride in a topless Porsche 908/3 at speed. Except maybe a Pagani Zonda R at Nuburgring. Full-size slot cars. Way cool.

Photo by Gary Goldstine, Monterey, 2009.


Porsche 908/3 LS at Monterey

Pagani Zonda R at Nuburgring

  1. Tom Weber

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Thank you for that latest post. Regarding the Zonda, I can now see why my former pastor told me to always guard against the “lust of the eyes”!

    On another note: In a future installment, will you kindly persuade your former workmates to discuss everyday studio life, the dress code, funny pranks and practical jokes, the physical studio environment, work deadlines and project pressures, the naming of the various new car models, et cetera?

    Thank you very much. Mahalo nui loa.
    –Tom Weber

  2. Tom Matano

    Great video…Thank you.

    Always Inspired

    Tom Matano

    Executive Director
    School of Industrial Design
    Academy of Art University

  3. Loved the Pagani Zonda R video…great capture of the speed and concentration required for such a demanding road course.

    Roy Lonberger


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