I hate ads.

Decades ago manufacturers sponsored their own race cars. The cars weren’t covered with sponsor’s graphics.

Dean’s Garage is like that. No ads. 

There is nothing for sale on Dean’s Garage. Except the Dean’s Garage—The Future is Back book.

The site content is free. Why? Because I can’t get away from car design and the people I had the pleasure of knowing and working with over the years.

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Contributor List:

Dick Ruzzin
Patrick Kelly
Robert Munson
Bill Schley
Thomas Lawrence
Robert Edwards
Wayne Kady
David Mcintosh
Bob Munson
Charles Coriaty
Robert Marcks
Tom Semple
Clark Lincoln
Gregory Wann
The League of Retired Automotive Designers
William Deweber
Roy Lonberger
Steve Sicklick
Sheldon Payne
Mark Jones
Jay Maechtlen
William Deweber
Joseph Schwartz
Charles Pleier