1. These are great! I love the caricature of Irv Rybicki.

  2. A Cos

    This is fun. Now and then I search my dad, Stan Parker, and try and find info on his Korean War service. Today I found cartoons! Even though he has been gone 13 years, he isn’t forgotten, which is so nice 🙂 What history with all these names!

  3. a coscarelly

    This is so fun to see. Now and then I search for info on my dad, Stan Parker, on his activity in the Korean War or at Art Center School or at GM. Nice to see that, although he has been gone for 13 years, he is not forgotten 🙂

  4. LT7A

    I realize this is from a really old post. But I am a big F-body fan, and I’m trying to understand the IROC at the park and the sketch that preceded it which says “lower than an IROC.” So if you get the chance Gary, it would be interesting to know. Thank you again for all that you’ve posted on here.

    My good friend, Tom Peolquin, and myself were designers together in Buick One for several years. One sometimes gets a bit bored drawing multiple variations of the same Buick Park Avenue front end (or whatever the current studio project might be) and longs to work on something that stirs the soul. In this case for Tom it was a Camaro sketch. That perhaps turned out sort of cartoony and not what he had envisioned when he started. Then he just got carried away. So it turned out to be a bit of a spoof on backgrounds and details that designers sometimes put in their sketches. As a distraction from the routine.—Gary

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