Classiq Designer Series—Featuring David Mcintosh

Dave McIntosh is a retired GM Designer with a career that spans over 40 years. A graduate of Art Center in Pasadena, David is one of the few designers that can say they worked on a project concept to production with the Buick Reatta. Clasiq gets a first hand exclusive look at his personal art collection that encompasses art though his 40 year career at General Motors. Dave has worked on such cars as the 1970 Buick Riviera and Skylark, the 1978 Grand Prix, Firebird, Monte Carlo, and LeSabre, and Buick Reatta.

Future videos in the series will feature George Camp, Bill Robinson, Buck Mook, Elia Russinoff, Frank Pascoe, Vince Geraci, Bill Michalak, Wayne Kady, and Bill Porter.

Video Credits: Julie Hyde-Edwards and Robert Edwards for making the videos possible, Clasiq for producing the series. Sponsored by Farmers Insurance.

Published on Dean’s Garage by permission by Charlie Rubin, Clasiq COO and Founder.

Dean’s Garage, The Future is Back release: January, 2020.

GM Designer, David Mcintosh

Buick Reatta Design


Pontiac Grand Prix

Design Development

“Four-Fendered Farkel”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Fascinating and very enjoyable to watch and learn.

  2. Many thanks Gary and Dave for the videos. Great to see my old friend Dave talking design. Still as nice and soft spoken as I remember him back in the mid 1960s. Impressed with his model collection and studio. Would like to know what he is doing now.

    Looking forward to other videos.

  3. 98 REGENCY

    Thank you for for sharing this information and posting the videos. It was informative and quite nice to see the history of several GM vehicles.

  4. David McIntosh

    Many thanks to Julie and Robert, Jeremy,and Gary for showing this interview. It was fun to do and I am truly grateful for the opportunity. A possible confusion though is Advanced one in 1966 with Nickels- Corvair project – is way different from Advanced 1 with Bill Porter in 1973- Grand Prix. Thanks also for the calls and comments. The takeaway is that I was able to have a career with my passion for cars. What more could you want!

  5. Keith Ashley

    A nice video giving us outsiders a peek into the design process. Thanks, David.

  6. Really amazing to see where Buick was to where they are now. Thanks for these videos!

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