Classiq Designer Series—Featuring George Camp

From an early age George was always into cars, like most of us, always drawing car doodles in the margins of his papers. It wasn’t until a high school where his art teacher would share Hot Rod magazines with George and show him that drawing cars could also be a profession. George, like many successful stylists of the time, went to Art Center in Pasadena before his four decade career at General Motors. While at GM George worked as an artist for Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick studios, as well as being loaned out to the concept studio responsible for the design the 1997 C5 Corvette.

Future videos in the series will feature Bill Robinson, Buck Mook, Elia Russinoff, Frank Pascoe, Vince Geraci, Bill Michalak, Wayne Kady, and Bill Porter.

Video Credits: Julie Hyde-Edwards and Robert Edwards for making the videos possible, Clasiq for producing the series. Sponsored by Farmers Insurance.

Published on Dean’s Garage by permission by Charlie Rubin, Clasiq COO and Founder.

Dean’s Garage, The Future is Back release: January, 2020.

GM Designer, George Camp

C5 Corvette Design

Design Credit

Saving Artwork

  1. 98 REGENCY

    The series has been enjoyable. Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to the upcoming ones as well.

  2. Keith Ashley

    Nice to see and hear George’s story. Take note of the nice studio of Robert and Julie Edwards used for the setting. Very appropriate.

  3. Christopher Rhoades

    Fantastic to see these great Designers. I worked in Advanced Aero as an intern in 85’ with Ron Hill. All of these guys were hero’s for me. Now I’ve got almost 34 years under my belt as a Auto Designer with Mercedes… Still going but I too have some stories to tell when I retire as you can imagine…

  4. Tom Semple

    Thanks George. It’s great to see you again. I miss those days, even though it was mostly in the seventies. Now there’s lots of nostalgia about sketches, stories and such, but let us all remember that it was not great time for the “fun” of design. Lot of arm waving establishing the “lines” of clay models by upper management in those day, with us having to deal with two regimes: Jordan’s and Rybicki’s. Two sets of presentations for each one….Generally, I’d have to say that it was nearly intolerable! But good guys like George Camp made it more bearable.

  5. So good to ‘see’ and hear you after all these years, your ’64 was really special. Large fuel tank, racing brakes and FI. A fun ride indeed.

  6. Glen Durmisevich

    Great reflection of your GM Design career George. Glad to see this series of interviews and everyone who saved their work. I will always remember your scale C5 Corvette proposal. It was fantastic. You’re a true car guy and friend.

  7. David McIntosh

    Congratulations on a straightforward and candid interview. Your work is always fresh and forward looking. i enjoyed your Corvette connection, since there always is that one special car that sets designers on the path. How great that you have a beautiful restored Corvette to drive. Your league work has always been exceptional, too. Thanks!!!

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