League of Retired Designers 2109 Project

The League of Retired Designers took on a Stutz Bearcat redesign as their 2019 project.

Participants included: Richard Lee Beck, Steve Brown, George Camp, Joan Klatil Creamer, Paul Down, Virgil Exner, Jr., Darwin Hawthorne, Don Johnson, Wayne Kady, David S. McIntosh, Howard D. (Buck) Mook, Bob Munson, Steve Pasteiner, John Perkins, and Gary Smith

Thanks to Dave McIntosh.

UPDATE: The Dean’s Garage Book will be available in January, 2020.

Designers that participated in the project:

Richard Lee Beck
1968-2007 Designer, Ford Motor Company
1968 Art Center Graduate
1964 Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild 3rd, Nat’l Sr. Award

Steven Brown
Conceptual Imagineering Independent Design Consultancy Automotive and Product design
International Truck Scout concept vehicle
Senior Designer, Chrysler RT Minivan Integration Center Interior design
Senior Creative Designer, GM Design StaffContributed to Buick Bengal show car, Rendezvous Lead Interior Alias designer
GM Advanced Vehicle Engineering
United Technologies Automotive
Findlay Industries
Collins and Aikman
American Truck and Coach

George Camp
1963–2001 Senior Creative Designer, GM Design
1963 Art Center College of Design Graduate

Joan Klatil Creamer
Creamer Design
1966 Cleveland Institute of art, Industrial Design major
1965 GM Design summer Intern
1966 GM Design Staff—First woman exterior designer at GM, working in Cadillac, Oldsmobile, and Advanced Buick studios
General Electric Corp—providing design guidance for consumer electronics / major appliance development
Gorham Division Textron—Staff designer Product Manager; Gift / Collectible Division
1987 Joan Creamer Design Office—Providing I.D. consultation

Paul A. Down, FIDSA
Professor of Industrial Design, University of Notre Dame

Virgil Exner, Jr.
International Designer of Automobiles and Power Boats
Retired 1988 as Ford Design Executive
1958–1961 U.S. Air Force Officer
1956 AB, 1957 MA University of Norte Dame

Darwin Hawthorne
1964-2002 Auto Design Executive, Ford Motor Company
1964 Art Center Graduate
1960 Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Award

Wayne A. Kady
1961-1999 Chief Designer, GM Design
1961 Art Center Graduate

Donald A. Johnson
1969 Center for Creative Studies Graduate
1968-1984 General Motors Design Staff- Senior designer
Zimmer Corp. Director of Design.Notable design: Zimmer “Quicksilver”
Toyota Distributers—Director of Product Design
D.A. Johnson Design
Avelate Corvette, Avelate “Fifty-Three” Corvette, Ford racing Technologies—FR 500, Mustang FR 200 Focus, Knudsen Automotive- “Rage” Mustang, Thunderbird “Thunderflite” 1961, “Merc-in-time” 1950 Mercury

David S. McIntosh
1964 Art Center Graduate, BPA, Transportation Design
1964-2003 Asst. Chief Designer (1980), GM Design
Advanced Design Studios (1988–91 Buick Reatta concept and production design; 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix Concept; 1970 Corvair Facelift Proposal; 1990 Saturn Coupe Preliminary Concept)
1991 Monte Carlo Show Car; 1995 Monte Carlo and Lumina
2000 Cadillac Catera (Opel, Germany)
Speed Vision Corporate Strategy and Cadillac 15-Year Vision; Cadillac Cross-Over Concept

Howard D. (Buck) Mook
1967-1997 Design Executive, Ford Motor Company
1967 Art Center Graduate

Bob Munson
1976 Kettering University, BME
1971–2013 GM Design Center
2000 Design Manager

Steven D. Pasteiner
1966–1989 Assistant Chief Designer, Buick, Chevrolet I
1989 Advanced Automobile Technologies

John Perkins
1962-1999 Chief Designer, GM Design
1964 GM Institute Graduate
1955 Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild Honorable Mention

Gary Smith
1973–1988 GM Designer
1988-Current Graphic, Industrial Design; Performance Design


  1. Always a pleasure seeing these designers still have a major passion for creating incredible shapes…

  2. Joe gagan

    Beautiful work, everyone. Made my week. So gorgeous.

  3. Excellent, thank you! It’s nice to see all the different interpretations in one place and I’m having a hard time picking favorites.

  4. STUTZ What a great theme to create a new modern concept of the classic mark.
    Nice job!

  5. Howard Pelcman

    Howard Pelcman

    3rd place, NJ. Design Excellence Award 1968.
    Looking at these concepts makes me feel the way I did all those years ago.
    I will never get tired of seeing these visions.
    When is that future gonna get here.



    Some GREAT Stutz design themes. The best collection that I have seen yet.
    And, Bob Munson has burst on the scene. I think he will inspire everyone with his clear, silky images of elegant and sporty cars. TRUE ART.

    Best to all,
    Dick Ruzzin.

  7. Sam Stutz

    I just found this and it is so awesome! Love to see the what the classic Stutz cars could look like now.

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