More studio art found online from a variety of sources.

This collection of renderings will be split into more than one post. Artists include: John Aiken, Charles Balogh, W. P. Boyer, Peter Brock, Robert Cadaret, Carl Cameron, Del Coates, P.L. Crease, Hayes, Wayne Kady, George Krispinsky, Homer LaGassy, Malasky, Charles Michigan, Dave North, John Perkins, Tom Peters, Bill Porter, Carl Renner, Bill Robinson, John Samsen, Fred Schmmel, Rodell Smith, Gil Spear, Charles Stewart, Ed Welburn, P. Wong, Pete Wozena.

I can’t make out the names on several renderings. Some of the artwork has probably been published on Dean’s Garage in previous posts.

Possibly some of the artwork is from collections, but the fact of the matter is that online content has been copied and re-published so often that the original sources are lost.

Much studio art was “saved” by designers or it would have been trashed. However, no matter in whose collections artwork resides, is actually the property of the companies from which it originated. A paradox.

  1. 98 REGENCY

    Once again, great work and I enjoyed this as well. I recognized the Oldsmobile Intrigue and the Oldsmobile Aerotech and a few others. I really enjoy how the designers let their imaginations run wild and flow. The Ford Thunderbird concept was interesting also as well as that 1950’s Oldsmobile. I believe that designer went on to do the 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado as well as many other great GM designs. The thing that is great is these sketches were saved. The thing that is sad they are owned by the respective companies.

  2. Stan Mott

    Love the opener illustration of the speedy teardrop “Car of Tomorrow!” And the modern military aircraft (note the cannons) in the background, and the champion pilot with the babes on either side! It is a classic showing of the optimism, pride and strength of America following our WWII victory. To be politically correct back then, you did not bad mouth America, unless you wanted a knuckle sandwich.

    Happily, today, the gentle kiddy-brained snow flakes will flip out knowing all too well that the sinister pilot will seduce those innocent flimsily clad babes in the micro-backseat of the car, down there where there’s no room for squiggling and giggling, but they’ll do it anyhow, and “me too” it later. Enjoy the suffering, kids.

  3. Lots of cool ones here!

  4. Howard Rees

    I was fortunate to be at Ford styling from 1963 to 1968. Some of these “looks” bring back a ton of memories. I was involved with the Mustang design studio for a six month period during my training program. This article made me go pull out some of my old renderings and reminisce.
    Howard Rees

  5. Jim Ebejer

    Great stuff! Thanks

  6. Edward Matula

    These are great to see. Keep them coming, there must be thousands more.

  7. Jerry Malinowski

    Jerry Malinowski

    The aircraft with Canon illustration was done by Gil Spear in the 40s. Great to see how the war effort influenced auto designers with aircraft form. I worked withGil iñ Preproduction Thunderbird studio at the Ford design center in 1961. He was a very talented designer and great guy.

  8. Rendering 29/30 of the Oldsmobile shows a very pleasing design overall that I think may have worked for `58, instead of the ‘chrome Walrus’ they ended up building. The oval grill/bumper carried over from `57 with updates works well with the quad headlamps. Tone down the fins & C-pillar details and it would have been a stunner.

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