More studio art found online from a variety of sources.

This collection of renderings will be split into more than one post. Artists include: John Aiken, Charles Balogh, W. P. Boyer, Peter Brock, Robert Cadaret, Carl Cameron, Del Coates, P.L. Crease, Hayes, Wayne Kady, George Krispinsky, Homer LaGassy, Malasky, Charles Michigan, Dave North, John Perkins, Tom Peters, Bill Porter, Carl Renner, Bill Robinson, John Samsen, Fred Schmmel, Rodell Smith, Gil Spear, Charles Stewart, Ed Welburn, P. Wong, Pete Wozena.

I can’t make out the names on several renderings. Some of the artwork has probably been published on Dean’s Garage in previous posts.

Possibly some of the artwork is from collections, but the fact of the matter is that online content has been copied and re-published so often that the original sources are lost.

Much studio art was “saved” by designers or it would have been trashed. However, no matter in whose collections artwork resides, is actually the property of the companies from which it originated. A paradox.

  1. Andrew Minney

    Amazing material

  2. 98 REGENCY

    Thank you again for this part. I recognized the Pontiac Banshee( future Firebird) and a host of others. That Oldsmobile sketch that was done in 1958 was indeed interesting. Enjoyed looking at what the companies were thinking. I appreciate being able to look at these sketches.

  3. Please give credit to the artist who created … and the collectors who saved them…. knowledge is key to understand what you are sharing.
    Thank you.

    The artists are credited in the first paragraph of this post, if the artwork is signed and the signature can be read. Also, many of the photos have the artist named in the description. I would be pleased to be able to credit collections, but it’s impossible. These images were found scattered all over the internet, far removed from their original sources. Plus, probably all of the original material on Dean’s Garage has been instantly re-posted elsewhere without any credit given to Dean’s Garage. But that’s the nature of the Internet.—Gary.

  4. I like the green Desoto.

  5. Al Meadows

    I, for one, am very thankful that you are searching and finding all of these lost works of art that were done by some brilliant and talented artists from the mid-20th Century. They shaped the future we are currently living in. Thank you for your diligence and time finding and presenting these to us.

  6. Robert Cumberford


    This, and a few others of that time, were stuck in my Chevrolet clippings file. I was looking up some specs on the ’57, was surprised to see some of my ancient pencil drawings from the time, 63 years ago, when we were doing the emergency re-style of the ’55-’56 cars because there wasn’t enough time to tool the ’57. So the last of the ‘tri-5s” was built, the intended ’57 was introduced as the ’58 for one year only. It was a thrash, none of us who worked on it liked the damn ’57, and now it’s the one people revere. Go figure.

    Best, Robert


    Thanks for your continued effort to publish these treasures. I really enjoy them.

  8. Dean’s Garage never ceases to amaze me with the incredible content and community. It’s great to see so many fans and alumni of automotive design all in one place. It always blows my mind to see names of prominent Automotive designers showing up in the comments section. That just goes to show what a great job you guys do. Thanks for your continued excellence.

  9. Neil David

    On your link to the Firbird History it appears as though John Schinella states He created “ Kitt” for the TV series.
    Michael Scheffe who now teaches at Art Center claims He created Kitt.
    Could someone clear this up?
    Wonderful Artwork!
    Thank You All

  10. First rendering at the top on the left–the gold-colored coupe I think may be a Studebaker proposal for the late `50s. Everything about looks feasible except the scrunched front end. Too low to the ground to be practical. Not sure if this was Studebaker’s early ideas for a sports car that ended up being the Avanti in `63 or not.

  11. Hi Gary, the piece credited to Aiken is done by Ken Vendley (signature visible lower left). The fantastic original was at the Art Center Car Classic this year at Patrick Kelley’s stand, promoting his book of original car studio artwork.

  12. I can’t wait to show them to my 9 year old son. He is obsessed with the cars of the period. I love this website. My boy has Peter Grizt’s ‘Visioneer’ Read to him as his bedtime story. His choice, not mine.

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