1. Greg B.

    Gary, I really like 2 of the posters: the Essence of Buick, and the ’68 4-4-2 by Dallison. Do you have any idea if these are still in print or where copies might be found? I would love to find that Dallison print in particular.

    Thanks for a fascinating site!


  2. Andy Hanzel

    Greg, Only 300 (of the Essence of Buick) were printed at the time…Andy

  3. Andy Hanzel

    That’s Ken Okuyama.

    Thanks. It’s corrected.—Gary

  4. James Perkins

    Andy Hanzel did a similar, large scale painting, for a poster for the 101st Anniversary of Oldsmobile. Can you tell me how many copies of that poster where published? I can’t find one to buy anywhere, only a few pictures of the artwork on the internet.



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