A day of achievement for the whole USA. GM builds it’s 50 millionth car—a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air hardtop. Harlow Curtis’ quote from the film: “This accomplishment strengthens the national economy and contributes to our country’s achievement, and is symbol of progress for the future.” This would be blasphemous rhetoric in today’s government controlled society.

This film could be considered corny, hopelessly outdated corporate nonsense. But it represents something far more important from and era that could never be repeated and that has been lost forever. The day being celebrated was November 14, 1954. A Jim Handy film. 10:45. From Archive.org.



Key to Our Horizons (1952)

A mid-century tribute to the automobile and its importance in American life and economy sponsored by Chevrolet. “Any picture of America without the automobile is hopelessly out of date.” It’s again bind boggling how far things have gone in so short of time. I wonder if the age of the automobile is coming to an end. It may be that only too soon having a car other than something considered to be completely politically correct will be looked down upon by society. I wrote The ZEV as kind of an automotive enthusiast’s personal apocalypse.

The film has lots of cool scenes from the way things were in the early ’50s. 10:46.



The Safest Place (1935)

Where is the safest place in this Jim Handy film? In a Chevrolet, of course. This film contrasts the hazards of home life with the safety of the 1935 Chevrolet. “Your living room on wheels” is shown driving itself around, as the narrator explains that if an invention could be made allowing a car to drive itself, we’d all be a lot better off. Tell that to Ralph Nader. 6:23 from Archive.org.


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