DirectoryCoverDean’s Garage is spooling up for the new year with several interesting new posts. They will include artwork of Harry Bradley, scans from a rare booklet called Modes and Motors produced by General Motors Styling Section in 1938 (thanks to Richard Nesbitt), and artwork/photos about Chuck Jordan (thanks to Mark Jordan). So stay tuned.

You might be interested to know that since the end of March, 2009, Dean’s Garage has had over 20,000 visitors, nearly 55,000 page views, and the average time spent on the site is almost three minutes.

Last year I met a lot of great people through the site, made contacts with old friends, and was able in several instances to reunite old friends.

This post contains a link to the Design Staff Directory from January, 1988 in PDF format containing names of designers, sculptors, and engineers and what studio they were in at the time.

Click here (right click to save the PDF to your hard drive): Design Staff Directory, January, 1988


  1. Esoteric, but definitely useful to me! Thanks!

  2. Richard L. Hollick

    I worked at Design from 1969 ( Styling Staff) till 2008. I started as an apprentice in the Wood Shop (Fabrication) and moved to salary in 1984. Systems Applications became Design Process Operations by 1988. Our group traveled from studio to studio recording & restoring the clay models’ surfaces with mechanical/electronic equipment. Twelve guys were responsible for capturing all the Design surface data and forwarding it to engineering (SPE). You can imagine how we always worked on the hotest projects around the building and became acquainted with everyone around the building because of it. I recognize 95% of the names in this directory and I miss them all. It was a great job and a great time.

  3. Mike Lee

    I attended Art Center (1965 – 1966) and remember several in my class. One, a housemate, I’ve tried to find over the years but without luck. His name was Marvin Fisher and, last I knew, he joined Cadillac’s design studio upon graduation. I would like to re-connect with him, if anyone has any lead on where Marvin Fisher might be today. -Mike Lee

  4. Mike Lee

    Add me to those who receive notifications please.

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