Dick Ruzzin tells the story of the creation of the Opel Bitter

If you had to guess where this car came from, most likely you’d say Italy. But it’s actually from Germany. This is the Opel Bitter CD. And here Dick Ruzzin, one of the original designers of the car shares the whole story behind how this car got its looks. Dick Ruzzin displayed is Bitter at the Eyes on Design car show on June 19, 2016 at the Ford mansion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

For more in-depth about the Open Bitter, see The 1979 Opel Bitter Story by Dick Ruzzin on Dean’s Garage.

Video source: Autoline Network

Thanks to Thomas W. K. Weber.

Interview with Eric Bitter, Geroge Gallion, and Hideo Kodama. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  1. Tony Miller

    That’s really a proud, elegant car. The color and the wheels suit the body design perfectly.

  2. Hello Dick,
    Great design, great insightful presentation. Owning this car and your Mangusta must make the choice of which one to take for a drive difficult. What treasures to own! Thanks for sharing your design experiences with us…
    John M. Mellberg

  3. Pete Engel

    I’ve been a huge fan of the CD for years. Thanks to Mr. Ruzzin for taking the time to meet me and my son, and show us his beautiful CD in 2015, when I came up for the Woodward Dream Cruise.

    One of the very few CDs in the USA (#355 out of 395 made) (there are only 3 or 4 in the USA) was completely restored by Jay Harmon of New Jersey recently and was shown at the Greenwich Concours in 2018. Jay’s is dark green with a parchment interior.

    The story of Bitter is a familiar story of an ex-race car driver who thought he could build a sports or sporty car for the street. Similar to Cunningham, Shelby, McLaren, Saleen, and others over the years. Just a German version!

    Mr. Erich Bitter, now well into his 80s, is still alive and getting along well in Germany. He occasionally attends Bitter specialty events. Bitter Cars is still a going concern, mostly focused on keeping all the various Opel-based Bitters running, and selling accessories.

    Thanks for this article on a little-known modern classic.

  4. Thomas Semple

    The car is cool because it’s LOW!

  5. Ed Welburn

    I realize that Dick’s story about the Opel Bitter CD has been with us for quite a while, but it’s worth revisiting on a regular bases. I love the design, and Dick owns the absolute best example I’ve ever seen. The exterior and interior colors are spectacular, and the wheel size size really makes the car perfect. The Opel Bitter is a great example of how clean design is timeless. Great job on the design, and on the interview Dick. You are a lucky guy to have contributed to the design, and to own what might be the finest Opel Bitter CD in existence.


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