The Longwood

by Stan Mott

As a fellow car designer, we here at SM Design Corporation felt you might like to hear about the exciting behind-the-scenes events in designing “The Longwood, World’s First Luxury Stretch Pickup Truck”–for Texan debutants and pigs.

There were two design teams. The pig enthusiasts dominated the first iteration by keeping the passenger cab normal and stretching the bed way back. The debutant contingent fired back with a greatly extended passenger compartment, and a standard bed.

As Senior Partner of SM Design Corporation I ordered all to sit down, act like adults, and come up with a reasonable compromise. They eventually did. It’s an equal visual length of cab and bed, accommodating eight Texan debutants and sixteen pigs.

The pig enthusiasts screamed and did a victory dance. Until I informed them that the rich daddies of those debutants could easily buy each a Stretch Pickup with a single seat and a bowling alley…with just one pig as pin boy. That shut them up fast.

Thanks to Stan Mott.

  1. Ken Bowes

    Thanks… I always wondered how Product Planners worked!

  2. Peter Brock

    Stan Mott was one of the design world’s greatest humorists.

  3. Stan Mott


    (Stan is alive, well, and still creating stuff.—Gary)

  4. Tom

    Tesla rescue vehicle ?

  5. Steve S

    That’s hilarious. Thank you, Stan.

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