Printed in Road & Track, November, 1985. Courtesy of Stan Mott.

Speed, power, cool artwork—what’s not to like?


“I am not at liberty to say how fast the rail car was moving when it vaporized the station. But suffice it to say more rational bureaucrats approved the machine for production and service providing none would be driven past railway stations faster than 89 km/h (55 mph). Martini agreed, unless, of course, they were behind schedule. As a result, no Cyclops railcar has ever been run on schedule.”

Relive Cyclops Railcars in PDF format.
Thanks very much, Stan.

Gallery of artwork from Cyclops Railcars

  1. What wonder-filled memories. I was with R&T during these years and brought Stan to Automobile magazine when the new management at R&T no longer thought he was funny. Thanks Stan for allowing these to be shared again and thanks too to Gary for sharing the fun.

  2. allen ornes

    Stan’s work is always inspirationl – wonderful point of view and perfect drawings.


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