1. Jim Simpson

    As always, some absolutely incredible images… I am awe struck…

  2. Wayne Barratt

    Really enjoyed loooking at the images Gary.
    31/31 is a photo of a 1/4 scale model Jaguar XJ-S (they called it the F type at the time)styling proposal by British Designer Oliver Winterbottom.
    I believe it dates from the early 70’s.
    He later worked as design director for Group Lotus , TVR and in the mid to late 80’s was working at the Oldsmobile studios in Michigan and was responsable for the euro style “Touring” styling touches.

  3. Steve Tremulis

    In regards to image #11/31: That was drawn by Alex Tremulis on June 12, 1951 while he was at Kaiser-Frazer. He called it the Kaiser TurboDyne. Here’s a picture of it with its skin on:


    The doors were to roll down like a roll-top desk. Front-wheel drive, powered by a turbine engine. Right around that same time, here he is at K-F with a very similar proposal on the drawing board. If only…


  4. Rogerio Machado

    A fantastic set. Thank you Steve. The Tremulis pics are fantastic.

  5. Steve Crisp

    slide #2 is a late-sixties/early seventies proposal for the Chrysler e-body (Cuda/Challenger). From what I recall, the clown suit car in the photo is red wrap and a finished version was created and finished in a lime gold. Prety radical piece for its time.

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