Very interesting interview! Wayne shares several of his interesting encounters with Bill Mitchell, and some challenging projects with interesting solutions. Worth watching.

Video Description: In conjunction with our current exhibit, Renderings – Advanced Drawings of Wayne Kady, GM Designer, join us for an evening with Wayne Kady, Wayne Carini, and guest moderator Ken Gross. The trio will discuss Wayne Kady’s experience as the Chief Designer for Cadillac and Buick Exterior Studios, along with what it was like to work with Bill Mitchell, during his days as VP of GM Design.

Savoy Automobile Museum, February 22, 2024. Posted by permission.


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  1. Tom Dingman

    I’m impressed!
    Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. It was a wonderful interview, sometimes even funny. Love Ken Gross and the two Waynes. Wayne’s elegance and class shows up in the Cadillacs and Buicks he’s worked on through the years. He’s one of a kind and his work will live on.

  3. Great job Wayne. You’ve designed and led the development of some beautiful GM automobiles during your noble career. Grateful to know you my friend, John
    John M. Mellberg

  4. Superb videos and excellent anecdotes from a real gent. Thanks Gary for sharing such interesting insights with us. Wayne Kady is a real car guy and to see his reactions to some of the tasteless things emerging from companies today sadly slams home the fact that the romance of design has been lost. It’s a real gift to draw but it’s a level above to create something that is a work of art on wheels. I love a 63 Riviera but that 67 Eldorado is the cat’s pyjamas!

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