I’ve always been comfortable with watercolors and decided to use the medium to paint pictures of my cars. After my younger brother’s sudden death in 1981, his 1958 Corvette was given to me with the promise I’d restore it, as was his intention had he lived. After completing the restoration, I entered it in a NCRS Corvette show at the GM Tech Center and it won best of show. My brother would have been proud.

It was the first of the paintings. I was pleased how it turned out, and it gave me the confidence to paint others.

My Wife Marie had little trouble encouraging me to own examples of my more than 23 years designing Cadillacs—12 years as Chief Designer of all of Cadillac’s exteriors (except the Allante), as well as the three years as the Chief Designer of the Advanced Cadillac studio. The remaining illustrations are of cars owned by friends.

I was lucky to have worked with a lot of talented people that made work a pleasure. We inspired each other with our ideas and the ability to communicate them into a product a lot of people wanted to own.

Now how rewarding was that?

—Wayne Kady


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  1. Chris

    Such amazing detail with watercolor.

  2. Clark Lincoln

    Wow, impressive stuff Wayne! I love the way you slightly exaggerate the proportions to improve some of the cars…

  3. Incredible watercolors Wayne, they are ready to drive off the page. Stay well and keep making beautiful work.

  4. John M. Mellberg

    Wayne, these are wonderful watercolor illustrations, beautifully created in a challenging if not difficult medium. Your career backstory is equally impressive both personally and career wise as a creative designer at GM Styling/Design.
    Best regards my friend, John

  5. Nick houvras

    Wayne, I didn’t know you did water color paintings.
    They are simply amazing and so intense.
    I see you and you wife in the Candy convertible.
    And the spokes so finely done.
    Just unbelievable. I hope you are getting my emails.
    I did water color paintings but not the sharp detail and exactness of
    Yours. Look at your collection at home and let me know if you have
    The Bustle back. You know I worked on it in clay.
    Like to own it because it brings back all the memories of all the guys
    In Cadillac.
    Nick houvras

  6. Fotios

    Beauties for lovers’ eyes.

  7. john manoogian II

    What a talent. I learned a great deal as Wayne’s Assist. in the Cadillac Studio.

  8. Jon Albert

    Thanks for sharing these; they, like the body of work from Wayne’s career, are consistently beautiful and inspiring. He makes the medium of watercolors look easy when in fact they require talent, skill, experience, and good judgement. My first exposure to Wayne’s work were glossy black-and-white photo reproductions of his advanced Cadillac concepts that were included in a packet I received from GM when I applied for info about the Fisher Craftsmen’s Guild competition in 1964. It was a privilege to work with him during my time in the Buick studio.

  9. mark kaski

    Very nice illustrations Wayne, watercolor not always easy to do, as tight as these are.

  10. Andrew Danish

    Fantastic! Makes me want to paint again.

  11. Wayne,
    Absolutely stunning work.
    And a great car collection.

  12. Wayne,
    You are an amazing talent, its always a pleasure seeing your work, thank you for sharing these wonderful pieces!

  13. Phil Payne

    Happy to see you are still “cranking out” the illustrations. Your artwork was always something to be admired and now you are raising the bar! Love ’em all!!

  14. Edward W Anderson

    These are beautiful

  15. Virgil Exner, Jr.

    Wayne’s works are really excellent. Transparent watercolor is about the most difficult art medium to work with, and his design work is top notch. My Father would be very
    impressed. I will send an e-mail with a bit of father’s early works. I hope you will show it.

  16. David McIntosh

    . Glad to see this skillfull work on here. Working with Wayne in The League is a pleasure.

  17. James E. Duvall

    Mr. Kady, the paintings are excellent. The lines and surface highlights make them so realistic. They rival the artwork of the Pontiac ads of the 1960s. Your eye for the details is outstanding. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Ronald Will

    Wayne: All I can do is agree with all the accolades already given to your excellent work. The Corvette is truly a gem.

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