Chuck Jordan had the entire building working on V-16 concepts by joining two V-8s together. Wayne’s retro proposal is complete with sidemounts and a bustleback.


Wayne Kady began his career as an automobile designer in 1961, and spent the next 38 years in Cadillac and Buick studios. His first production studio assignment was in Cadillac working on the ’65s. In 1968 he was promoted to Chief Designer in Advanced Cadillac Studio. There he led the design of the highly successful 1971 Eldorado. In September 1972 Wayne was promoted to Buick Chief Designer. Then back to Cadillac as he served as Studio Chief from 1974 until 1988. There he directed the design for Cadillac DeVilles, Fleetwoods, Sevilles, and Eldorados. In 1988 Wayne returned to Buick as Chief Designer of Buick 2, overseeing the design of the 1992 Roadmaster, 1993 Sklylark, and the 1997 Century and Regal sedans before his retirement in 1999.

I was in Cadillac Studio under Wayne in 1976 and again in late 1987. Many thanks to Wayne for taking the time to share photos and descriptions of his work.

Wayne rendered in water color. The examples in this gallery would take 2-3 days to render. Photos in the gallery are captioned.


  1. Is the V-16 concept dated 1963 or 1967? I can’t quite tell.

  2. Wayne Anthony Vieira

    It’s great to see Wayne’s work. I met Wayne a few times when I was younger, as my father (Wayne R. Vieira) considered him a good friend.

  3. The red V-16 concept is dated 2/28/67.

  4. Interesting — I didn’t realize they were still working on V-16 concepts that late. I had thought most were before the E-body Eldorado arrived.

  5. Bud Hulewicz

    I have a Wayne Kady painting of sailing boats tied together. Owned for quite some time. Its beautiful Does anyone know anything about this particular painting.

  6. William Lawrence

    I recall seeing a watercolor rendering much like the one you describe in the hall gallery at Art Center around 1965. I think it was by Kady and would likely have been done in class.

  7. Rick Idak

    I love the 65 Kady design by Wayne Kady. Where would I need to go to get a high res copy of that wonderful drawing. Just love it.
    Thanking you in advance.

  8. Michael Brookover

    I am his grandson.

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