What we have here is a 2:50 minute video snapshot of the history of GM Design. The glimpses of the personalities involved in the saga will bring back memories of those that lived some of it. Some good, some maybe not so good.

There are several classic scenes. The Tech Center being built and a clip from the late ’50s, including the lobby. Brief scenes from a Motorama. Mitchell’s ’59 Stingray. Mitchell, Bernie Smith, and Bill Porter reviewing a clay model, probably in Pontiac Studio in the late ’60s. A shot of Irv, Wayne Kady, Pete Maier, Dennis Little, and Don Logerquist. Chuck Jordan and Stan Wilen. A patio review with Chuck, Jerry Palmer, Tom Peters, and George Camp. Ed Welburn, Wayne Cherry, and Bob Lutz, laughing it up over something. Wow. Thanks to Don Leblanc.


  1. Clark Lincoln

    Pretty cool video. It was great to see the (brief) footage of Charlie Graffe doing his thing developing Alias. All of us who knew Charlie were so saddened at his early passing.

  2. Karl Kendall, Sculptor

    Oh what memories! As one doing clay work while there, it was great for me to see Tommy Fong in the video with a clay model. He was very gentle to work with and lots of fun to hear him speak and talk of his frustrations with American measurements. When confused about understanding modeling methods he would say, “Ha, Ha, How he do dat ting dare wit dat, huh?”
    What an honor to have spent a few years at GM Design. Karl

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