Ron Will’s Sketch Collection


When Ron worked at GM Design Staff, he’d ask fellow designers for a sample of their artwork. Most are quick sketches. Designers include Allan Flowers, Bernie Smith, Bob Lovejoy, Bob White, Jerry Brockstein, Don Hood, Don Schumer, Geza Loczi, Ron Will, Larry Shinoda, Tom Bizzini, Tom Covert, and Tom Semple.

Thanks to Ron Will.

Dean’s Garage Book Update: I’m in the home stretch. Won’t be long now.


  1. Ron,

    Great to see your creative work showcased! Congrats, John

  2. tony mazzola

    Great, looking at your ideas in sketch form. Thanks for sharing your portfolio. Cheers, Tony M.

  3. Leon Dixon

    I could enjoy looking at this kind of stuff 24/7. Wonderful stuff. And the Oldsmobile artwork (especially by Geza Loczi) is fabulous! I dearly miss seeing designs like this–especially with the present era of grinning jellybeans and frowning potatoes.

    Please, please do keep it coming!

  4. Many thanks Ron and Gary for sharing these fun sketches. Interesting design ideas and great quick sketch technique,


  5. Glen Durmisevich

    Great collection Ron, from a great group of designers. I see a few Allen Young sketches too. Thanks for posting Gary.

  6. It’s always nice to see some concepts of creative people.

  7. Seriously fine work, thanks for presenting it…

  8. Howard Pelcman

    So nice to see the style of sketching that as a young boy drew me into that futuristic world. I did struggle with my sketches…never got to that level.
    I will never tire of seeing that.
    Thank you.
    Howard Pelcman

  9. Dennis F. Otto

    Very nice, expressive sketches! CAID is nice, but for “feeling” one just can’t beat paper, markers and pencils……GR8 stuff!!

    Eye candy like this can be enjoyed all day, every day…..:) DFO

  10. Don Leblanc

    Great sketches, I always enjoy seeing how the pros did it !
    It inspires me to keep on sketching ideas almost every day !
    Thanks for the post Gary.

  11. Jim Shook

    Love all those old sketches, especially Loczi and Semple.
    Worked for Bernie Smith for many years but never saw any of his work until now.

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