Wonderful photos. Is Bob Cadaret still with us? As a youngster, I knew both a Dick and Bob Cadaret from the East side of Detroit. My brother was a lifer with the Cadillac factory and probably the same age that our Bob would be. Is there any connection you could make with Bob for me, I sure would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for your wonderful site.


  2. Michelle Cadaret-Schulz

    Dear Tom,

    My Father, Robert Cadaret passed away in 2000. He was an awesome designer and left me a truly amazing legacy! We have hundreds of his beautiful paintings, many of which are displayed on his website: http://www.racdistributing.com. He retired from GM design staff in 1987 to care for my ailing Mother, Phyllis. She had been a mailgirl/model at GM and then worked in the color studio before it burned down.

    Blessings to you,


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