Buick Camel GT Car



For you performance Buick enthusiasts, sketches and photos of the Buick Camel GT car (Morgan Performance Argo JM16 GTP) campaigned by the Morgan Performance Group in 1985–86. Racing photos courtesy of Racing Sports Cars. My involvement was limited to a sketch of a paint scheme. I don’t know why the rendering shows rear fender skirts unless the photos of the prototype provided for reference had them. The car competed at Sebring in 1986 (DNF); the 1984 Camel GT500 in Charlotte (10th); the 1984 Coco-Cola 500 (5th); the 1984 Camel Continental at Watkins Glen (DNF); the 1984 Michigan 500 Camel GTP (7th); 23rd 1985 Annual SunBank at Daytona (17th); 1985 Charlotte Camel GT (6th); 1985 Lumbermens 500K Camel GT (10th); 1985 Camel Continental (9th, 1st in Lights).




Buick LeSabre PPG Staff Car


Another Buick promotional vehicle, this time a PPG Staff car. Kind of ridiculous now. Now that I think of it, it was ridiculous then as well.



Oldsmobile Calais Kelly American Challenge Car


This Oldsmobile Calais rendering developed into a modeling project at Diversified Glass Products where Gary Clark and I modeled the flared fenders. I found a few photos of the resulting race car on the Racing Sports Car site.

  1. stephen holbrook

    We have one of the two 1984 Buick LeSabre PPG staff cars 1G4AP6943EH826130 and wanted to bring it to your attention.

  2. LT7A

    The staff car is cool actually. I guess I don’t know what exactly what it’s for. Transporting staff around at the racetrack maybe? Anyway, if they had done the real car in black with the light gold rocker panels like your drawing it would have looked even better. The one big issue with the way they built it is that it needed to be lowered. I think both of them would have been improved by having the wheels be not as bright. A bronze tone would probably have done nicely. I always like design exercises that simplify, unclutter, and darken the character of a car – so to speak.

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