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“If I was to pick between painting and driving,” says, Radu Muntean, “I’d have a hard time picking. It’s like, ‘Which kid do you like the best, your oldest or youngest?’ I love them both.”

A car designer by trade, Muntean’s tastefully modified 1971 BMW 2002 is the mechanical expression of his passion for cars. Knowing early on that he wanted to be a car designer, the 2002 is an “uncommon” look that forced Muntean to spend some more time with the Bavarian coupé in order to truly fall in love with it. “It’s not a super fast car,” he says, “but it’s a loud, fun, super quick car.”


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A few samples of Radu Montean’s art

  1. Glen Durmisevich

    Great artwork and the ’02 is a clean subtle desgin. Driving an older BMW illicits a visceral appreciation for its handling which is a major part of its beauty.

  2. Gary Smith

    When the BMW 2002 came out in 1968, it was a sensation. The fun-to-drive factor completely overcame any first visual impressions. Its sublime, functional styling has a way of growing on you to the point that just seeing one makes you smile with satisfaction. The driving position is excellent. And you can see out of the thing.

    These nimble machines would nip at the heals of Corvettes and Mustangs all the way around the curves at Riverside International Raceway. There is much more to beauty than audacious styling.

    I’ve had Corvettes. I’ve had BMW 2002s. The 2002 is a ball to drive on the street and on tight, twisty roads, where you spend most of your time. I have an ’01 Z06. Where it gets fun to drive is at a level that driving that fast could have serious consequences with physics or the local constabulary.

  3. Pops

    This is not surprising in the least bit. My girlfriend’s father bought one of these new in 1970 and from the back seat I could tell it was a truly special vehicle. He never let me drive it which was a smart idea. Several trips around town and in the foothills of Palo Alto always led to some unprovoked spirited driving on his part. A splendid time was guaranteed for all.

  4. Michael A. Greer

    My choice too. in ’71 I was living in Nuremburg/Munich in the army, got to drive one in a hill climb and swore when I returned home I would own one but never did. The 2002 was the best built car I’ve ever driven, would still like to own one.. sigh. The hill climb was on a mountain next to Berchtesgaden and we went up in pairs 10 seconds apart. Porches won 9 of the 10 spots with me coming in 3rd. This car wouldn’t start at the start line until I came over and fixed the distributor secondary coil wire. The owner thought I was a famous American driver so he let me drive for him and I did him proud, surprising myself, ah. It took corners with the Porches and kept up with speed. ah.

  5. OldCarMan

    A good friend once explained the difference in cars to my wife as: ” A Jag (E type) is like a fine glass of wine, a Vette is like a Manhattan, and a street rod is more like a shot & a beer. The analogy conveyed the difference and was reinforced by the fact she has dozens pairs of shoes!

  6. Ken Pickering

    I owned a 2004 BMW tricked out 3 Series coupe and it was a
    “nice” car. Now I drive a 2016 ATS with all the goodies and a 2010 Mazda Miata PRHT Grand Touring. Guess which one I drive the most – of course the Miata. I often say the most fun per dollar of anything I have ever owned was my Hobie 14 cat and my present Miata. Both the Hobie 14 were and the present Miata are just too much fun!

  7. Did bertnone design the 2002?

    Dick Ruzzin

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