I spend too much time online searching for anything and everything styling related. This post features and interesting collection of renderings and designs. This is just s teaser. I have a lot more.

  1. Chris Dowdey

    WOW, beyond amazing
    Phenominal talent and imagination. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wonderful stuff! I can’t quite read the name of the designer of the Helios…


    Thank you for sharing! I hope you will locate more. I always enjoy looking at these. I like seeing the “what if’s” and “what led to” possibilities and more.

  4. Tony Miller

    These are great. I hope you’ll post some of your additional images.


    A great cross section of design progression.

  6. Thomas Lawrence


    I am writing again to express my gratitude for your efforts to create/support this website. I simply love it! I never delete your links. As a former Fisher Body Craftsman (long on design, short on execution (getting the clay mock up exactly symmetrical drove me too nuts to finish my submissions on time) your website is a treasure trove. Of course, the halcyon days of cheap gas allowed designers imperious disregard for aerodynamics. Alas, now all cars basically look the same to manage the drag coefficient. But I can always revisit those fanciful, cultural watershed moments thanks to Dean’s Garage. You may have heard this, but in case not, let me share a true anecdote to underscore my point. A Sotheby’s auction catalog listed some gorgeous classic car up for auction not as ‘car’ but as ‘rolling sculpture.’ It need not have been a Duesenberg. As far as I am concerned–among others–the 1960 Buick qualifies as ‘rolling sculpture.’ (Spoiler alert: I still think the 1959 Cadillac is grotesque–even the pink convertible. At auction it should be listed as ‘rolling gaucherie.’ Thank you again so very much. Thomas

  7. Julie Hyde-Edwards

    All beautiful sketches, but please give credit where credit is due.

    #1-8, Bill Robinson for Chrysler
    #15, Alan Young Corvette concept, Collection of Robert Edwards and Julie Hyde-Edwards
    #16, Sparky Bohnstedt, Corvette, Collection of Robert Edwards and Julie Hyde-Edwards
    #18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, Dean Beck Ford/Mercury concepts, Collection of Robert Edwards and Julie Hyde-Edwards

    I would have given credit if I had been aware of the collections.—Gary

  8. timothy edwards

    Yes, Robert Edwards had one of the best collections of car art in the country. His relentless effort to bring these fine art sketches was truly wonderful to see. Thanks, Robert. You’ll always be in my heart.

  9. The last 6 renderings appear to be Brooks Stevens creations. He was a brilliant industrial designer that the auto industry would call upon to pump some life back into aging auto designs like Studebaker and Willys South America. He would do an amazing job “on the cheap”. Rarely did the auto industry give him the opportunity to design a new car from the ground up. These drawings show what he was capable of, finding ways to make parts interchangeable and simplified, reducing production costs. He was even designing a new type of assembly line to produce these new creations of his.

  10. Tony Miller

    I believe that #27 is the Chrysler Norseman that went to the bottom of the Atlantic when the Andrea Doria, the ship carrying the Norseman, collided with another ship off Nantucket and sank in 1956.

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