A Report by Artist-Correspondent Stan Mott.

Printed in Road & Track, February, 1966

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  1. James E. (Jed) Duvall

    Between Henry Manney III and Stan Mott, my understanding of driving in Europe, especially in Paris was fuller and more in depth thanks to their detail and humor. Their insight explained to a teenage Hoosier whom had not ventured much further than Bowling Green, KY, Lansing and Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL and Cincinnati, OH, why the world in Europe and the U.K. was so different and how it was reflected in their vehicles and motorcycles. American cars and trucks needed Stan’s touch of Cyclops, especially in the period bloated boats of 1971 through 1979 with huge expanses of sheet metal without adding to driver and passenger comfort and safety. I wonder what Mott would think of today’s consumers replacing their sedans with huge “light-duty” trucks that resemble the heavy-duty trucks of the 1940s and 1950s !

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