Dave Holls reviewing “1980 Personal Luxury Car” GM project at Art Center. Car Styling, October, 1976.

Caption from Walter Gomez: From the left, the guy whose model is being critiqued I believe is Jacques Ostiguy.  He had a unique rendering style that used a lot of black marker that worked well with the hard edge design of the era.  Next to him (right) is Bill Barranco; I believe he went to Ford for a while and then started his car design head hunting firm.  To Bill’s left is Richard Hutting; he was a top student, went to Ford for a year, and then opened his design firm here in SoCal exclusively to design for Ford.  Behind Richard is Jimi Kennedy.  To their left is Keith Teter, head of ID department, former Ford Design exec.  In the background with a camera is Jack Ashcraft, another top student.

Mark Jordan’s “Personal Mobility Module” from GM’s Summer Design Program. Car Styling, April, 1978.

Voisin Renderings as part of a Rendering Seminar by Opel Designer Hideo Komada. Car Styling, April, 1974.


Hank Hega. Car Styling, April, 1976.

Gordie Brown Remembered. Car Styling, July, 1983.

  1. We really enjoyed Gordie for only one brief semester, at Wayne State ID Dept., in the fall of 1971, when he was taking over a class for Bill Porter, who was too busy to do a class.

    A very dynamic and sharp critic of design, he made design fun and exciting, while instilling a strong esthetic. He got me an interview at Design Staff, but I wasn’t chosen.

  2. I am disposing of my design & concept car related collection and I was wondering if anyone here would be interested. I have 150 Car Stylings, including the first 45 hardcover, going up to #152. These include the #50 aerodynamics issue and #93.5 clay modeling. I also have both Giugiaro I hardcover and II softcover, an extra #7, Style Auto #17, 26, and 31-34. They can’t be separated. I am hoping there are some younger design historians and enthusiasts that would carry on.
    I hope this comment isn’t imposing a problem here, for DG. I can’t think of a better audience that appreciates design more. John @ OldCarMan at comcast dot net. Thx!

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful informative article on the 1959 Fiberfab “Centurian” designed by “Bud” Goodwin.

    from Don “story- behind- the- teenager-in-historic-1953-Corvette- photo.

    amateur Corvette designer-SCCA racer and Catholic author.

  4. Richard Haynes

    Wow, that’s me having my model critiqued by David Holls at Art Center in 1976. Not Jacques Ostiguy. I am retired now; having worked nearly 40 years in the design of Corporate and Commercial Aircraft interiors. I believe that Bill Barranco still has an Executive Search firm in the Bay area. Richard Hutting became an instructor at the Art Center. Jim Kennedy also worked in Corporate Jet Interior design for many years before his death in 2019. Jack Ashcraft moved up north and was involved with the “Great Cars I Remember” series illustrations. Thank you for posting this picture from the October 1976 issue of Car Styling.

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