Continental Mark V Design Sketches

by Dick Nesbitt


There has been quite a bit of interest in the last post by Dick Nesbitt, if the number of comments is any indication. Here is some follow-up information and sketches/photos courtesy of Dick Nesbitt.

One Mark V proposal incorporated a Mark II influenced tail light and rear bumper ensamble as a link to the prestige and elegance of the legendary and very exclusive 1956-1957 Continental. The bumper extended from the rear quarter panel and replicated the Mark II exhaust port with an impact absorbing composite bumper extension.

Another proposal incorporated a vertical elipse opera window placement and a rear quarter panel raised wheel housing form similar to the rear deck lid form. The thin, narrow tail light-backup light theme emphasized a long quarter panel look.

1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II rear end and tail light photos illustrate design influence on the one sketch proposal.

The supercharged LSC proposal sketch incorporated a more traditional Continental hood leading edge theme with a more aggressive mesh texture grille insert deeply recessed at the outer edges with a forward projected vertical centerline.


  1. Great images, Gary. I wonder what the little tab is for on the side of the chrome trim bezel, surrounding the lower portion of the backup lamp on the ’56 Continental? Could it be the handle to lift the tailamp for fuel fill?

  2. Gary,
    It’s good to see another Automotive Designer’s Guild member, Dick Nesbitt’s work posted once again. His work shows to good advantage the benefits of your Dean’s Garage website, giving Dick much deserved exposure of his creative design talents, while allowing his friends and peers the opportunity to see what he’s done too. His designs are enhanced by his original illustrative technique and the drama of his chosen views heighten the elements of the design theme. Hopefully, other fellow ADGuild members will be inspired to put together some images to send you for similar showings of their work. We all can appreciate and learn from these showings, as well as young ‘designers to be,’ who hopefully are inspired by what they get to see. Nice job DIck!

    John M. Mellberg
    ADGuild Support

  3. Sam Midgley

    Hi Richard you were chasing Bill Boyer for me before I went to Italy, I know he passed onI am back in Australia now and with some people you may know, my old buddy Don Daharsh and his wife Carrol and another designer from GM Leo Pruneau,, having a barbeque life is short enjoy it.. do you remember these guys,, Sam Midgley.

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