And other Bruce McCall craziness.



Humbley-Pudge Gallipoli Heavyish Bomber. “Four Varley ‘Panjandrum’ motors screwed her up to a cruising altitude several feet over the legal minimum of the day.” Read the rest of the copy in the gallery.




If you like Stan Mott, you’ll like Bruce McCall. I’d seen his work published in magazines from time to time, then a number of years ago I ran across a copy of Bruce McCall’s Zany Afternoons. If you can find a copy, it’s well worth it. Articles include Zany Afternoons (which included such stories as “Blindfold the Flying Boat Pilot”), Mementos and Memories of the 1936 Cairo World’s Fair; R.M.S.’Tyrannic;’ Somewhere East of Laramie; That Fabulous Battle of Britton; My Own Stamp Album; 1934 Bulgemobile Airdreme (The new cars that say, “Get out of my way!”;  Wir Fliegen Nach Amerika mid dem Zeppelin; Major Howdy Bixby’s Album of Forgotten Warbirds; Popular Workbench; 1946 Bulgemobiles (New from the Tires Down); The Glory of Their Hindsight; Swillmart (Where Quality is a Slogan;” Soviet-Mechnod-Foto Hello (The Jolly Friendship Magazine of Science in the Modern USSR); 1958 Bulgemobile; and The Adventures of the Hotel Throckmorton. ISBN 0-7607-1699-4.


  1. Jack Marchese

    Yet again you come up with the goods.

  2. Bruce is a genius—or…

    Gary, I doubt many designers (creatives) would have the courage to submit against Bruce.

  3. I may have forgotten the Playmate of the Month’s features, but i never forgot these crazy plane designs that appeared in a copy of Playboy back in the 60s. Brilliant Bruce McCall. Thanks for the good memories.

  4. Parody and satire at it’s finest. As a young man that grew up on Mad Magazine, I can’t help but wonder why there is none of this anymore. Was it wiped out by the PC movement?

  5. Norman Gaines Jr.

    McCall’s work published in Playboy was always a treat. I especially remember the radium pyramid. Great parodic engineering here.

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