Found online. Designers include G. Lawson (AMC?), Pete Wozena (GM), John Samsen, Renner (GM), Joe Gault (GM), John Tjaarda, Illustrator Rex Burnett (Hot Rod), Ralph Bingman, Bill Michalak (GM), Bob Caderet (GM), and Wayne Kady (GM).

More George Barbaz Studio Renderings. Published by permission.

Ed Welburn, 1974

Yes, that’s Ed Welburn working on the front end of a Riviera proposal. Also recognized in the photo are Claudio Bertolin, Al Holgerson, Pete Haan (back to camera), and possibly Allan Flowers way in the back. I can’t tell if this was shot in the SW corner rail of Buick One or in what would become Buick Two Studio. I was in Buick One studio in 1974. Ed recently announced his retirement this July.

Bonus image that has nothing to do with the post.

  1. Jason Houston

    Wow… magnificent stuff! Some are downright attractive, too.

  2. Steve Shannon

    Hi Gary…just wanted to tell you how terrific I think your Dean’s Garage site is. I am a former GM employee, from 1982-2010, in Product Planning and Marketing roles. Especially in my early days in Planning at Chevrolet I spent a fair amount of time at Design, and remember to this day the sense of awe I had to see and meet designers, watch the clay modelers, etc. What you are doing with your site to save and archive the sketches, stories and bios is a real treasure.

    Regards, Steve

  3. john manoogian II

    Another great series of design renderings. Thanks Gary!

  4. Jenny Brinker

    And that would be clay modeler Larry Brinker on the floor.

    I thought that might be Larry.—Gary

  5. Norm James

    Gary, This was an outstanding representation from that period. Really enjoyed it. Saw some really nice ones in there.

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