One wonders why a Cyclops wasn’t seen at Bonneville years ago. With its intuitive streamlined profile, it’s a natural. The Minister of Propaganda has hinted repeatedly that a full factory effort in different racing venues was a possibility, but that would have probably been so overwhelming that competitors would have become completely demoralized. Bonneville, however, provides the opportunity to showcase the amazing versatility of Piero Martini’s brilliant design without undue disastrous consequences to the racing world.

Stay tuned to Dean’s Garage as Cyclop’s Bonneville Streamliner develops.

  1. Norman

    That’s “bezel”,and why not just run the ex-Lemans Cyclops as well?

  2. Stan Mott

    Re “bezzel”, thanks for catching. We’ll try to do better next time. The Jim Duconing “Cyclops Bonneville 2.0” will be very close to the Le Mans winning Cyclops.

  3. Mel Francis

    Wow! Intriguing design Stan, has a small diameter roll cage been considered? Would the main body be constructed of aluminum, or fiberglass, perhaps with the upper cage mounted to the inside of it? Maybe a roof hatch, for quick driver exit, if needed…

  4. Is it a Cyclops “TANK”?

  5. Granville Pool

    Takes me way back. Saw an actual Cyclops in front of Dick Rydell’s Autosports (sans engine) in the early 60s. A hard thing to unsee!


  6. Norm James

    You haven’t lost a step, Stan! …Norm

  7. Stan Mott

    Thanks, Norm. “bezzle” now bezel.

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