Illustrations and Captions by Stan Mott

The Cadillac Interior Restaurant will surely become one of the city’s top places to dine.


“The Brief was simple—a monument to the automotive age in the middle of Las Vegas. Ostentatious? Certainly. Over the top? A must. The project tested the world’s leading visionaries and this is the plan that came out on top.” Published in Top Gear Magazine. Photos in gallery are captioned with the original text. Thanks, Stan.

  1. Rogerio Machado

    Those kinds of drawings (and also the use of the lines) send us imediatelly to that moment of the auto culture. There is some innocent feelings that today, maybe, are instantly blocked by the laws (emissions, safety, etc.). Mott expressed that time wonderfully.

  2. JayCee

    Stan Mott is awesome. Loved the Cadillac-inspired fantasy. Vegas is perfect setting for it. Would there be room for a spin-off “econo-lodge” version based on Mott’s famous Cyclops car? I’m ready to book my flight to Vegas now.

  3. Tony Miller

    I love Stan Mott’s work. He is the finest visual humorist ever to focus on our beloved automobiles.

  4. allen ornes

    Again, totally amazing work. Very happy to see you are still at it.

  5. Full of wonder and accuracy—pure Mott.

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