By Dick Nesbitt



As an automotive designer, I was contacted by Collectible Automobile magazine to contribute and illustrate design related articles in 1984. In 1985, Publications International in Chicago, Illinois asked me to both author and illustrate a soft-bound Collectible Automobile Special Edition and a hard-bound book store version of 50 Years of American Automobile Design 1930–1980. It was a massive undertaking, but I very much wanted to do it. I wanted to select and illustrate each in a technique that would represent and capture the essence and focus of specific and significant  design innovations and intent. I was very difficult editing the many and varied design explorations of this era. The selection and description was up to me, and the process of decision was very difficult as well, but it has been very gratifying to know of the interest, passion and enthusiasm so many have for automotive design all over the world for so many years.


  1. Peter Brock

    Looks FANTASTIC Dick…..I want a hardbound edition. How soon will it be available? Peter

  2. Roy Lonberger

    Great sketches and design selections, Dick…let me know when I can buy an autographed hardbound edition.


  3. John M. Mellberg

    Hi Dick,
    Congratulations, great to see the fruits of your design talent ‘showcased’ on the Dean’s Garage website! Your book is a treasure to have, and your car design picks
    are perfect. It’s nice to see another Automotive Designers Guild Member getting
    this much deserved recognition. When are you doing the ‘sequel’ to your 1st book?
    Your friend,
    John M. Mellberg
    ADGuild Support…

  4. Brian C, Baker

    John said it all for many of us. How about a sequel book?
    Brian Baker

  5. Every image was like you could reach out and touch it with your minds, hands. I remember every change, in roof lines and grills. How fortunate we are you can bring it back, so we can look into the future. Thank you.!


    I am truly honored !! Thank you so much,- most appreciated…Pete and Roy, the book was published in 1985 and has been out of print for some time, I have contacted the publisher over the years about doing an updated version and hope they will consider it at some point as Brian mentioned…If there is any interest from them, I will certainly let you know…

  7. Eddie Mitchell

    What a marvelous accomplishment and massive talent! Congratulations!


    Thank you John Mellberg, Lou Genta and Eddie Mitchell, I hope the publisher will consider a sequel in the near future…

  9. Bill Lawrence

    Hello Dick,
    What a nice surprise to see your book on this site. I got out my copy and looked through it again and enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. A new updated version would be most welcome. I hope you can put something together. Maybe some other publisher would be interested?

  10. Mike Ames

    Greetings All:
    To all the admirers of Dick Nesbitt that have not had the honor of knowing him as a friend, I want to convey that he is as warm and genuine as he is talented. A true auto enthusiast, historian and obviously ARTIST. My visits with Dick are always fun and I am continually amazed by his vast knowledge of automotive related history and lore.
    We all want your book, Dick. let us know who to badger!
    Your friend and admirer,
    Mike Ames


    Mike and Bill, Thank you so very much, – it has been a great honor and pleasure to have friends like you for many years…I am truly grateful and thankful.

  12. David R.North

    Dick,I show your book to the many young people who
    Ask me about designing cars.


    Dave, I am very grateful and honored, thank you very much…

  14. Mike Kalland

    Dick was a friend back when we were teens. He was drawing and designing cars even back then! We all knew he would someday be a great designer and he didn’t disappoint us!

  15. Jay S

    Just purchased it from Amazon. Greatly looking forward to adding it to my design collection.

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