0007-ferrari-250-gto-9 Back decades ago car companies sponsored their own race cars. The cars weren't covered with sponsor’s graphics. Dean's Garage is like that. No ads. There are links to FilterMag and California Bill's Automotive Books, because those clients have offered to provide discounts to Dean's Garage readers. But there is nothing for sale on Dean's Garage. If you’re like most people that come to the site, you’ve undoubtedly benefited from the content. The site content is free. Why? Because I can’t get away from my love of car design and the people I had the pleasure of knowing and working with over the years. But the reality is there is a piper and he has to get paid sometime. I’m not the piper. The website hosting company is the piper. I’m not making anything from your donation. Consider a small amount to DeansGarage.com to help me keep the site up and running. Use the Pay Pal Donate link. Thanks for your continued interest. Spread the word and help keep the site alive. Dean’s Garage has 6,000 to 10,000 visits per month.
Thank you for your donations: William Deweber Roy Lonberger Steve Sicklick Sheldon Payne Mark Jones Jay Maechtlen
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