Werner Bührer produced amazing technical drawings that we have grown to love.

We admire the old drawings by masters like Werner Bührer. We’ve come across Buhrer’s 3D cut-away drawing frequently and it never fails, we fall in love with the art of automobiles all over again.

Bührer’s detailed drawings are powerful reminders of our love for automobiles.

Bührer spent many years as a contributor to car magazines like Road & Track and many others, where the Swiss born technical artist specialized in style analysis of cars. Having studied industrial design in Germany, Bührer worked in many different fields where his industrial drawings have been held as standards to which others are measured by.

Amazingly little seems to be known of this artist whose art has graced pages of the magazines with the circulation reaching millions. For decades Buhrer’s Styling Analysis, Racing car illustrations and article art appeared in Road & Track and other magazines. I have searched for the biographical information of Werner Bührer, but have found little. Perhaps Dean’s Garage readers can help uncover Werner’s background.


  1. Christopher

    Beyond WOW. Simply amazing
    Craftsmanship with stunning detail. Thanks for sharing this
    Wonderful Designers work.

  2. This is a great feature, Gary. I subscribed to R&T for decades and Buhrer’s illustrations were always among my favorite parts of the magazine.

  3. John Houlihan

    Magnificent! Sort of like Pres Bruning and Ken Dallison combined.

  4. Nothing short of excellent


    I remember many of these illustrations well. However I don’t remember Buhrer’s name being associated to them. What a great collection of this master illustrator’s work. Thanks for honering him.

  6. Thomas Lawrence

    Thank you so much for this and all your posts. Please believe your contribution of these posts is very meaningful for the community of car enthusiasts, of which I have been one for many years. Best wishes.

  7. Douglas

    Is there a book published with a collection of his illustrations?

  8. John

    A true artist capturing our passion for racing

  9. Marc

    I think I have most of Werner Buhrer’s drawings scanned in, in high res.
    I have a few where he signed as ‘Munot’ while he worked for Ford Styling.
    In his period at the German ‘Curbs’ magazine he signed his drawings ‘Webu’
    All my 2 page scans have been spliced and centerlines have been cleaned and filled in.

    For my coffee table I have a complete album of his collection.

    I will be happy to share.

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