Patrick Stewart hosts this documentary where he spends time with motor sports legend Sir Stirling Moss in order to discover and learn more about the great man and his life. Great video.


Stirling Moss in 1955.


He is the only man on this list who never won a championship due to his patriotism of only driving British made cars that were not that well designed after a butting of heads with Enzo Ferrari early on in his career. He would however join the Mercedes team in the 1950’s before his string of British car choices; here he would race under the master that was Juan Manuel Fangio and between the two of them, dominated the F1 circuits. Not being able to beat Fangio, Moss was at times seen as a good driver but shadowed by the Brazilian superstar until the 1955 British Grand Prix where he became the first British driver to win the Grand Prix. Suddenly he was shot in to stardom, but often questioned his win by asking Fangio if he had been easy on him, Fangio simply said no, you were just better. When Mercedes folded he would go on to have success in the British built cars just missing the championship on several occasions before a 1962 crash which ended his career. The natural talent of “Mr. Motor Racing” is legendary and F1 drivers today usually kneel before him.


Bonus Videos

1950s F1 driver Stirling Moss meets current F1 star Lewis Hamilton

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, Lewis met up with Sir Stirling Moss and BBC F1 presenter Lee McKenzie at Silverstone to share anecdotes and compare their experiences as Silver Arrow racers

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