Cyclops Gasser

By Glenn Thomas

I had a Cyclops body which was the original size (48 inches long x 38 inches wide). With the desire to do something different, a Gasser came to mind. I had seen pictures but was not too familiar with them. I subscribed to Gasser magazine and looked at all the pictures, taking note of what I liked.

I started with the frame. I looked at a straight axle setup from Speedway motors, and built a smaller Cyclops-size version. I liked the ladder bars, so I incorporated the design for a go kart set up. Some Gassers use slicks, and I found out that 8-inch Jr. drag slicks were a Cyclops perfect size. Mickey Thompson made a nice-looking square shape which I could not resist.

I decided to go with a 6-1/2 HP Briggs and Stratton engine, along with a torque converter clutch. Maintaining the Cyclops width with the slicks, engine components and a set of shocks was a challenge.

It seemed like most Gassers had the three-gage setup with a tach. Also, from that era was the classic three-hole spoke steering wheel. The rest was choosing what I liked and incorporating: moon pedals, diamond interior pattern, front gas tank, roll bars, and a Cyclops size set of wheelie bars. Even though some of the parts are not functional, they look the part.

To continue with something different I wanted a mid colored blue (not too dark or too light). I chose the 69 Corvette Le Mans blue.


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  1. A wonderful story, only in America could this happen.

    STAN MOTT’S humor, exemplified.
    Can there be an electric CYCLOPS in the upcoming future?

  2. Arnie P.

    Awesome Glen. I would expect nothing less. ❤️❤️❤️

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