1. Bill Porter

    There is evidence that Henry Ford may also have tipped off the Sierra Club as to Hughes’ intentions to produce these immense vehicles in quantity. Convinced that such a plan would lead to the deforestation of the Pacific Northwest, hordes of club members in full hiking gear gathered to storm the Anaheim factory site. In the nick of time Edsel Ford, always the gentleman peacemaker, convinced the angry conservationists that his father’s Soybean Embargo had indeed put an end to Hughes nefarious scheme. Placated, the now-gentle mob dispersed, those from the west gravitating to the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco while those from the east migrated back to Woodstock, NY.

  2. Wayne Graefen

    There is one of these in a shed in Texas. I’m sure because a friend of a friend overheard a guy at a swap meet talking about it. He said you could spot the building on Google Earth maps easily. The article is just positive original proof of that story.

  3. Tony Miller

    I always thought it would be cool to re-create the cyclops and try to enter it in “The Historics”

  4. Stan Mott

    I didn’t want to mention the Conservationist Factor in Ford’s Soybean Embargo, as did Bill Porter. Nor did I want to mention the Hughes/Disney cabal suggested by the fact that the blimp hanger was built almost in the shadow of Disneyland (see illustration above). Nor would I ever point out there wasn’t a breath of the above goings on at the McCarthy investigations in the 1950s. But once the truth begins to leak out sometimes there’s no stopping it. I just hope that no one makes the connection to the above with Area 51. If they do all hell’s going to break loose!

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