Don’t miss this remarkable home movie from 1956 Nassau Race in the Bahamas. The quality is quite good, but no sound; make race car noises while you watch. There are shots unloading the cars from the transport, driving though town to get to the track, and a lot of close-ups of drivers, cars, and pit action. There are a lot of Corvette shots, including the SR-2. At about 8:30 Duntov, Mitchell (in his white coveralls), and Harley Earl make an appearance. Mitchell can even be seen helping during a pit stop (who’s going to tell him he can’t?). The refueling procedure is a bit scary with guys dumping gasoline from metal containers into an open trough. But there are no explosions, and a good time was had by all. I wonder who shot the movie? Someone associated with GM on vacation?

  1. Roy Lonberger

    Fun pics. Enjoyed seeing Mitchell standing next to Mr. Earl. Does anyone know their respective heights?

  2. That is an excellent video. I have studied many olf these Corvettes as they are listed in the REGISTRY OF CORVETTE RACE CARS website, which I and two friends created in 2007. I am responsible for the C-1 and C-2 generations of 1953 thru 1967 Race Corvettes.

    The Bill Mitchell red #117 car is actually a 1956 SR-2 model. Three were made, A blue one for Harley Earl’s son Jerry that is the most known car as it has been vintage raced for years by Rich Mason at Monterey, This red model, owned today by Bill Tower in Florida and the small fin street version which was Harlow Curtis, GM President .

    Both the blue and red cars were racers, and in the fall of 1956, were upgraded to the new 283/283 fuel injection engine and new 4 speed transmissions which were not released to the general public in numbers until April 1957. A few production cars received fuel injection in October 1956.

    Ray Crawford, and Southern California grocery store owner was the driver.

    The # 15 white production Corvette was driven by Dr. Dick Thompson and the production white #36 Corvette by Jim Jeffords. Two great drivers and people I knew well. We lost Jim on March 6, and Dick on September 14 this year.

    There is a lot more history here, but I don’t want to take any more of space and your valuable time. Thank you
    Jim Gessner

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