A Lap of Downtown Los Angeles

The rough streets of downtown Los Angeles aren’t typically thought of as a great driving destination, but things change at night. Join our friend Magnus Walker on his favorite route around the city. You’ll want to turn your speakers up for this one. Enjoy. Source: eGarage.

When I was at Art Center in Los Angeles, I would often go driving in the middle of the night. No traffic. Terrific roads. WAY cool. Gary


Bonus Video: Aventador LP 750-4 SV Onboard ‪Nürburgring‬ lap in under 7m with P Zero Corsa

  1. Stan Mott

    See what happens when you get rid of all that traffic? Driving can be fun again, even in L.A.!

  2. Craig Haines

    OUT FREAKIN’ STANDING ! How long did it take to lay out the route ? Plus ballpark , what was your top speed and how long did it take you ? I had a 74 Carerra back in 82-08 and had a fast lap around my neighborhood at 3-4 in the AM ! I know you were havin’ fun but you sure didn’t look like it ! Next time could you include more over the shoulder shots looking forward ! Thanks Much

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