In his Philadelphia garage, veteran mechanic Adam Cramer tickles the ivories and tinkers with Triumphs as he brings back vintage motorcycles and the good ol’ American “can do” spirit back to their former glory.

Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles from Etsy on Vimeo.

  1. Clark LIncoln

    I think this guy’s concern about the “de-industrialization” of the nation is a bit miss directed. The knowledge and skill to use tools and to make or fix things is not widely found in our younger generations because they really have little use for it. Our parents (and for us older farts) had a need to fix stuff ourselves because you couldn’t always find someone to do it for you. These skills sometimes led us to making things using our tools and vision.
    There are still quite a few of these shops around the country that make stuff – one off machines, furniture, airplanes and such – and fairly large companies that build race cars and race engines – big buck shops. And there are plenty of “grassroots” racers, like me that do a lot of this stuff in our garages at home.
    That being said, my son in law is always calling me for advice on how to fix something around the house – and my grandchildren have no interest in any of what grandpa does in his garage… 🙁

  2. blackzilla

    we dont need to fix stuff ourselves! we got the chinese to build em for us nowadays! if its broke imma buy chinese stuff to replace em, id rather go watch tv and hang around the hood

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