This is a MUST WATCH interview/tour.

Jim Hall speaks of the development of the Chaparrals, downforce discoveries, engineering innovations, styling the Chaparrals, and his association with Chevrolet, as he describes the cars at the Petroleum Museum. Plus, you’re treated to a trip around Rattlesnake Raceway. Don’t miss this personal tour!

Possibly every designer that came of age in the ’60s had Jim Hall as a hero. I certainly did.

The video is from a now dysfunct video interview series of the American Inventors museum site with Jim Hall.

Jim Hall, Indy, 1981. Photo: Gary Smith

Images from the Jim Hall Interview

  1. Norman

    If he had only gotten past that fixation with the automatic trans in the 2F it would’ve been a “contenda”. Look back at that season for DNF reasons and you’ll see what I mean. The 2F was the fastest car in its class that year and had the makings of a winner which is a lot more than you can say for the 2E. When a car in that class is fast enough to qualify well in an F1 field (!) it’s a rocket. But to finish first, you first must finish. The auto trans just wasn’t up to the task, concept notwithstanding. If it isn’t the reason why you won the race, you don’t need it. If it keeps you from winning the race, you REALLY don’t neeed it.

  2. Normand is not only absolutly RIGHT, but his text is PERFECT: it seem a “fable de La Fontaine” .
    Many “merci” à Dean for this wonderful site.
    Hervé de France

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