Herbert Hoover’s Dog House

Gil Spear (designer at Ford and the subject of the last post), while working for Norman Bel Geddes, was commissioned to create a dog house for Herbert Hoover. Here’s the story.

Thanks to Jim Farrell.


    Dog gone it!
    A very sophisticated concept and a beautiful model. It somehow has a Mid-Century Mdern look to me.
    I had several dogs living on a farm and remember a high wind one day in Spring. The dog’s house was on a wooden platform to keep him off of the cold ground. It suddenly got windy, we could hear it in the house and looked out the window just in time to see the wind blew the dog house over, rolling over and over on it’s side. To or great surprise the dog managed to stay inside as it rolled several times. It came to rest against a fence upside down, angled on one sid of the roof.
    The dog was then sitting on the inside of the roof looking out with a very quizzical expression on his face. At least at the time I thought that is what I saw. Living on a farm as not boring.
    Dick Ruzzin

  2. Chris Sawyer

    Frank Lloyd Wright would be jealous. A Guggenheim Museum for a dog 20 years before that structure was built!

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