Jim Hall and Jackie Stewart


There are 52,188 photos in this Henry Ford Museum Photostream on Flickr including many historically significant racing photos and shoots from various events from 1958 through 1971. Albums include Indianapolis 500, Riverside, LeMans, Mexican Grand Prix, Daytona 500, Sebring, Santa Barbara, Luguna Seca SCCA, Nassau Speed Week, Pacific Grand Prix, Daytona, Pamona, Watkins Glen, St.-Jovite, Sears Point, Kent, Mid-Ohio, Green Valley, Monte Carlo, Dutch Grand Prix, Monterey, Las Vegas Stardust, and Bonneville. TRANSAM, CANAM, NASCAR, Endurance racing, Grand Prix, plus photos of drivers, team owners, fans, pits, paddock, garages, you name it. Well worth a couple of hours exploring. The photos are only about 700 pixels across, so they aren’t that large. But an amazing archive, nonetheless. I was in attendance at several of the races depicted in this archives (Riverside and Stardust), but not in any of the photos that I could find. So while I was walking around taking home movies, someone with actual photo credentials and decent equipment was taking real photos.

Samples from the archive:

  1. Stan Mott

    Ah, photos to bring one back to delicious days! Thanks!

  2. Fantastic group of photos ; thanx for sharing them and giving us a ‘heads up’ into what is available. Fear my weekend may now be spent…

  3. Norman

    This photo archive is a mental goldmine. I was at the Bridgehampton Double 500 main race on Sunday. I am amazed/appalled that I see cars there that I forgot I saw. I had always said I never saw a Tipo 64 Maserati race . Wrong, one there. I thought the first time I saw a Tipo 151 Maserati race was at Goodwood a few years ago. Wrong again, one there, damn it! Same with Corvette Grand Sports. One there. Just a great thing, and I praise Dean’s for making this link available.

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