Harry Bradley’s Corvettes

Three pages of Harry Bradley’s future Corvette renderings from published in Corvette News, September, 1982. 

I had Harry Bradley for a trans instructor at Art Center. His designs and illustrations are very appealing.

The first and last illustration was first published in Road & Track, February 1977. The top view first appeared in Motor Trend in 1975. 

When I first saw the lead illustration in this group, I was exceedingly perplexed, and with an overlay, drew lines that lead to multiple vanishing points creating a very distorted Corvette. Harry knows perspective. His twisted perspective with multiple vanishing points is typical of his often tongue-in-cheek illustrations is obviously on purpose.

There are several posts featuring Harry’s work on Dean’s Garage. Just search for Bradley.



  1. Kelly

    Awesome rendering. How was the top one illustrated? Any one known the technique he used to achieve the color


    Considering the time and tech, it is likely pastel chalk, spread with Bestine rubber cement thinner…

  3. Walter Gomez

    I was in Harry’s Trans class in 1977 when the Road & Track illustrations were published. At the time, Harry told us that he had been taking an illustration class with Los Angeles Times editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad to improve his sketching.

  4. Clay Dean

    I believe the medium would have been Vellum, Markers, Colored pencils,
    pastels and gouache. At least it sure looks like it!! Designer traditionalist tools from that era.

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