Guindon’s Satire

Someone brought in the Detroit Free Press every day into the studio for breaks in the back room. Towards the end of the day after the paper had been thoroughly read by nearly everyone in the studio (and sections strewn all over the back room), I’d go through the paper looking for my favorite comics with an Olfa cutter. This is before the time where cartoonist would publish books of their cartoons. My favorites were Calvin & Hobbs, Bloom County, The Far Side, McNelly’s political satire, and Guindon’s Detroit.

Guindon’s Detroit was a single-panel cartoon that used satire and a minimalist style to call attention to things in our society that when taken to an extreme became painfully and obviously ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. I recently looked through my files and found quite a few that I’d saved.

Richard “Dick” Gordon Guindon (1935–2022) is an American cartoonist best known for his gag panel, Guindon. Guindon’s cartoons have appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune, The Realist, and the Detroit Free Press. He retired in 2005.

  1. Norman Gaines Jr.

    Didn’t know his work before this and I’m happy I now do. Some really funny stuff here, and I even “got” some of the regional pieces. Thanks for the laugh on a cold, windy morning!

  2. john manoogian

    Great stuff. I used to read his work ‘in the back room’ every day. The Chrysler Design one is one of my favorites.

  3. Peejay Burre

    So much fun! Being more a Moto than Auto guy it happens I’m in DESMO, a metro NYC Ducati gang, & our feckless leader Benji is me endless pin cushion as “MC/American” who loves his Gremlins. As such I forwarded this to him with Most Apropos Ever as the subject with the object being the breakup (If I were to hit the Lottery my 1st purchase’d be one of them R/W-B AMC Rebels) of the American Motors design staff! So very funny all around too!

  4. John Mellberg

    Great collection of humor and pictorial commentary.

  5. Paul Meisel

    Brought back some good memories.

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