Ron Will sent me scans of this collection of GM studio sketches. Designers include Allen Flowers, Geza Loczi, Bernie Smith, Tom Semple, Ron Will, Randy Wittine, and Allen Young.

From Richard Nesbitt

Last year a client asked me to create a tribute concept design for the 40th anniversary of the 1974 Mustang II incorporating various design themes of the original. I was a member of the original Mustang II design team and did the selected coupe version based on the approved fastback selected from our LM Cougar-Comet-Montego production design studio in 1971. Staff Ford designer Howard “Buck” Mook was responsible for the selected and approved fastback design. I am attaching an image of my 2014 concept and Buck’s original selected design sketch from 1971. Thank you, Richard.



  1. Leon Dixon

    Extreme thanks for posting this magnificent art work. The Oldsmobile is fabulous (what strong DNA!) and there are shades of 1965-66 Starfire in there as well as the early 1970s Delta models. This rendering almost looks like it doesn’t need wheels! Just close up the openings and fly it!

    And the Eldorado and Toronado studies…wow!

    Anyway, I could look at this kind of great automotive stuff all day and night–so keep it coming!

  2. steve sicklick

    This is my favorite type of posting on this great website.

  3. emerson

    Thanks for these. At 72 now, I dreamed as a kid what cars would look like in the future. It is cool to see what didn’t make it….and sometimes
    even cooler to see what DID make it!
    The best

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