This is the last installment of a three part series showing a design process in order from sketch to a roll around hard model. The photos are interesting revealing quite a bit of detail about techniques and tools, what was important then, and how things worked. I don’t know or remember everybody that is pictured in the photos, so I’d appreciate help in identifying people.



Cadillac Exterior Studio

  1. Ben Salvador

    Hi Gary. My how time flies. It doesn’t seem like I’ve been with GM as long as I have until I look through your images and recognize all the folks that I used to see daily who are no longer around. By the way, I thought that you might want to know that in image 8/14, the skinny guy in the suit way in the back of the room is Ken Okuyama. If I’m not mistaken, the scale and full size models in the image were developed from his theme.


    The first four pictures were taken in Cadillac Studio, probably about Spring of 1991, the Presidential Limousine scale model in the foreground of the first shot. We went directly to full-size with it in metal. Small tricky surface areas, like the C-pillar, were milled full-size in composite for surface evaluation.

    The fiberglass Fleetwood in dark blue is in the background and the matching rear quarter clay is in the platform to the left. The three shots to the right are of details for the 1992 Eldorado.

    A very busy place when I was there with a lot of very good people. Dennis Little took my place when I left to go to GM Europe.


  3. Evan Keresi

    Hello Gary,

    In image 7/14, I noticed the man on the far right is Phil Garcia. I know because he was my grandfather. Thank you for posting these images! I remember seeing some of these when I was younger.

  4. Jeff McCluskey

    Hello All,
    Anybody hear from Ted Polock ? (he’s in a pic w/ Charlie Jordan and a few others on Design patio) Worked with him in Chevy Production Studio on Malibu/Malibu Max.

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