Videos worth watching.

Source: Petrolicious

Petrolicious needs to be bookmarked in your Bowser.

Ferrari 250 GTO. The Sounds!

Porsche 914-6

Thanks, Tom.

In 1987 Lamborghini didn’t have a test track. So where did they test the Countach?

This Video was a 60 Minutes episode! From BangShift.

Dual in the Desert

Comparing the 1962 Chevrolets (including the Corvair) with Ford, Plymouth, and Rambler. In the desert around Phoenix.

I can remember driving my Dad’s ’62 Chevrolet Impala and hanging on for dear life on curvy Southern California freeways. Now I know why.

  1. Roy Lonberger

    The Lambo flick is sensational. Valentino looks so young. His driving brought a smile to my face. Outrageous. Ah, the power of design. Many thanks Gary.

  2. Cool videos!

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