• Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-25

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-01

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-30

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-20

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-21

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-19

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-09

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-07

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-08

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-37

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-15

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-14

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-13

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-11

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-36

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-34

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-16

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-29

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-39

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-38

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-33

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-32

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-31

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-28

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-27

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-26

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-24

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-23

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-18

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-17

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-10

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-06

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-05

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-04

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-03

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-02

  • Fiberfab_Centurion-DeansGarage-35

  1. As to your question- still this the best idea & consept was and still is the Beck 550 spyder repicar a simple kit pure fun and used VW everything unless you wanted to upgrade it.

    I still think rebodies are wonderfull, the Honda, GMC truck, Miata alike. A while back there was a company making a 1954 Corvette that fit on a Monte Carlo frame. Wish we jumped on it—it was Dads favorite car of all time—then a real one was only selling for $60k—he is gone now and was a master mechanic. He had a Lazer 917 when he was young. Thank for asking and reading.
    Don DeLotto Jr., NJ, USA

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